typewriter03vendor relationships

Your company’s success does not solely depend on its relationships with its employees and customers. You must also rely on the services and technology of vendors.

Vendor relationships on which your company is highly dependent can have a disproportionate effect on your company in the event your contracts do not precisely assign rights and obligations between your company and its vendors.

contract review

While it is not a good use of your company’s legal budget to have all vendor contracts reviewed, your company should have a benchmark by which to determine whether any particular contract should involve a seasoned contract attorney. This benchmark could include factors such as term length, rights involved and financial outlay.

Our firm has both broad and in-depth experience reviewing and advising on prospective contractual relationships. Your executives take care of negotiating business terms and we will take care of assigning risk, whether it pertains to insurance obligations, indemnification, intellectual property rights ownership, termination or confidentiality.

contract drafting

Where necessary, we draft contracts that cover particularized arrangements with vendors. This could include collaborations, joint ventures, marketing initiatives, manufacturing agreements, influencer agreements, copyright or trademark licensing, distribution agreements and sales agent agreements.


We can also draft for your company template agreements necessary for its day-to-day operations, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDA), consultant agreements, terms of sale, terms of use and order acknowledgments.


Your company’s executives are likely negotiating agreements with prospective vendors every day. Let us meet with your executives and provide them with essential training on identifying legal risk, selecting proper templates and drafting key contract provisions. Such training will lower your risk and, in many cases, lessen your dependency on external legal advice.