retail law

Spray Cans 1compliance

While your company is engaged in the sale of its good or services, it will see increases in more than just its revenue. Your company’s potential for liability on a broad scale is also growing incrementally.

Reducing your company’s risk requires a multi-prong approach. Compliant manufacturing of a compliant product, distributed through a compliant supply chain and offered for sale in a compliant way should be your company’s goal.

Involving our firm in your major product development and launches will minimize your risk.

social media

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) actively pursues retailers for alleged violations of truth in advertising laws. As of late, this has involved the use of endorsements in social media.

We will advise your company on the latest legal developments affecting the use of influencers and any necessary disclosure requirements (e.g. #ad). We can also prepare your social media policy, providing your marketing executives and compensated influencers with compliance requirements.

data privacy and security

With every non-cash transaction, your company is likely collecting consumer data.  How it collects, stores, secures and shares that data can have widely disparate effects, all depending on the states in which your company does business.

Aside from advising you on the data privacy requirements that apply to your business, we can prepare your published data privacy policy, setting your customers’ expectations. As your needs change, we can advise you on any amendments.


The FTC and state attorney general offices have been actively pursuing retailers for misleading pricing practices. For example, while it may be permissible to tag goods with an original MSRP and a discounted price, certain timing requirements must be met in order to escape liability.  We will examine your practices and advise you on the various alternatives to decrease your risk.

native advertising

If you have ever mistakenly clicked on an advertisement and taken to another site, you were likely the victim of improperly labeled native advertising. If the native advertising on your company’s site is not appropriately labeled or distinguished from your native content, you may be hearing from the FTC. We can review your native advertising and advise on the subtle changes that could allow you to escape FTC scrutiny.


Consumer products such as appliances, toys, home goods, apparel and footwear must be accompanied by labels making required disclosures. This includes content, care, country of origin and proper disposal.

A careful analysis of your company’s products by our firm will result in detailed guidelines per category of goods, giving your product manufacturers the information they need to produce compliant goods.