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H&M 1flexibility

Some online companies are entering the retail real estate market for the first time, while historically brick & mortar retailers are taking a step back. The only certainty here is change.

Your company should enter the real estate market prepared to secure the flexibility it needs, so that its future is not burdened by long-term commitments.

Landlords have more experience than your company negotiating lease terms. Our involvement will level the playing field.

term sheets

We will prepare your non-binding term sheet, which will serve as your company’s first step toward a lease that accurately reflects your negotiations with your prospective landlord.

Your template term sheet will carry forward into all future lease negotiations, setting your company’s standard of expectations with leasing brokers and landlords.


Lease documents can be lengthy and refer to complex legal terms that could have significant implications if left ignored. We will negotiate optimal positions for your company in all relevant areas including:

  • percentage rent
  • radius restrictions
  • use clauses
  • indemnification
  • rights of reentry
  • insurance obligations
  • construction allowances
  • termination rights
  • co-tenancy rights
  • assignment rights
  • sub-leasing rights
  • subordination & non-disturbance

With our involvement, your negotiated terms will be accurately reflected in a finalized lease document. And, should any disputes with your landlord ever arise, we can assist your company in identifying all practical solutions.

office and warehouse

Although usually less complex than retail store leases, your leases for office space and warehouses should nonetheless receive legal attention.  Our experience extends into all commercial leasing options.

real estate licenses

The pop-up store concept shows no signs of disappearing. Pop-up stores provide the opportunity to test out a market or a concept, or simply to liquidate inventory in an outlet or sample-sale environment. We have represented clients in countless real estate licensing deals and can handle yours at nominal time and expense.